Gdi dating sorority girl

You sometimes hate when people stereotype you because you're a "sorority girl." You hide it well, but sometimes you just love to flaunt it in pictures.

If that doesn't solidify that your place as a Gamma Phi, I don't know what will.

What a sorority girl knows it means: The term you use (and will most definitely get in trouble for using) for new girls in your sorority. What other people think it means: Acronym for "poppin' new music"?

What a sorority girl knows it means: Stands for "potential new member," AKA potential sister.

This is what all girls who decide to go through recruitment are referred to as.

What other people think it means: A stack of disheveled, old doors??? What a sorority girl knows it means: When you stack up in front of your house's door to chant and whip your hair back and forth.

Your addictive laugh is what everyone absolutely loves about you! Originally, you might not have thought the sorority life was for you, but now that you're in it... The Anchors would love to have you be a part of their chapter!

You look phenomenal in red and gold, and DAMN do you pull off that formal dress like no one else can! You're the kind of girl that can have a strong core group of friends, but can also mingle outside the group and fit in with everyone.

Outsiders take one look at the bars downtown and the high percentage of students involved in Greek Life here, and they automatically assume all the students are a bunch of frat-stars trying to perfect their beer pong toss. Sure, we have our jocks, our frat-daddys, our science nerds and our beauty queens, but we're all here to get an education.You always enjoy a night out, but you don't necessarily need to do it every weekend.You'd be completely satisfied with a night in with friends. One commonly used phrase is "Sorostitute." This, like all stereotypes, is a generalization based on a few experiences with Sorority girls who, like any group, have some unpleasant members.GDI's have there own stereotype of being lame, boring students who "wish they were in a Sorority or Frat".

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