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She always enjoyed this time of day, when the school was quiet and peaceful and there were no students clogging up the place.

She was well into her fifth decade now -- though she didn't like to admit that to anyone -- and had been a teacher at the school for some twenty years, seven of those as headmistress. Elaine obeyed without question, spreading her legs wide open in readiness.

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She honestly could not think of a more fulfilling job than moulding a young person and helping them to achieve their dreams for the future. She got to her office and looked with pride at her desk. All withered and sagging." Elaine put her hand to her breast. I am the headmistress of this school and I demand you treat me with respect." "It doesn't have to be like that," the other creature said. She reached out one hand and placed it on the headmistress's forehead. They were clearly here to help her, to help the whole school in fact. First her coat, then her black jacket and her white blouse all ended up on the floor. Chemei wasn't satisfied with just half of her cock being inside though.

She ran her hands through her greying black hair as she strolled along the corridor. She glanced inside each, imagining them full of students eager to learn. It was a magnificent piece of craftsmanship, made of real wood. "We could transform her." "I know," its companion said with a sigh. She needed to call the police and tell them about these intruders. Her bra came next, revealing her sagging B-cup breasts and her expanding belly. Her breasts filled out greatly, going up by three cup sizes at least. Her belly went flat again, like it had been thirty years ago. She reached round behind her and sure enough, the same had happened to her bum. She kept on pushing in until all of her fourteen inches were sheathed inside the headmistress.

She and her husband had long since come to terms with the fact they weren't going to have children together. " The two beings acted as though she had not spoken. She wanted a taste of those giant dicks, she wanted the excitement of having them both in her at the same time. Chemei lined her huge cock up with her cunt and, in one smooth thrust, impaled her with its full length.

It didn't matter much to her; she considered all the girls she helped to educate and send out into the world as her children. One turned to the other and said, "Our first fuck with a human in centuries and she looks like that. She looked at the two beings in front of her -- Futas, she learned they were called -- and wondered why she had ever been scared of them. "I am impatient to start this." A tingling sensation swept over Elaine. "You should remove your clothes for this," Chemei said to her. They seemed to find it amusing that she had on so many layers. All her life, she suddenly realised, she had been repressed. Elaine screamed in ecstasy as her mind was flooded with the nearly-forgotten sensations of a good, hard fuck.

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