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Counselling programs can help people who are separating and/or divorcing, to deal with their grief and anger, so they can move forward with a sense of purpose and plans for the future.

Counselling may help you to: Counselling and working through the problems of separation with someone who has no personal involvement can help people through this difficult time. Relationships Australia provides a range of specialist counselling services.

3.1 The Australian Crime Commission (ACC) observed in evidence to the Inquiry that while child sex offences and Internet pornography are not directly an ACC area of operation, the ACC co-ordinates all national criminal intelligence, and that includes intelligence regarding paedophiles and crimes committed via the Internet.

Further, the incorporation of the Australian Bureau of Criminal Intelligence, into the ACC has given the Commission responsibility for information and projects which concern child sex offenders.[42] 3.2 Three main areas of concern to the Inquiry emerged during the Committee hearings: 3.3 The dangers to children emanate from two areas: the active seeking out of children for chat room activity, and the availability of unsuitable material on the Internet for children to view.

Ten years older than Marites, Malcolm was holidaying in the Philippines.

Reports of adults preying on children through the use of Internet 'chat rooms' have periodically featured on news bulletins, and were also referred to in the course of the Committee’s hearings.[43] 3.6 The pace of technological progress allows more opportunities for paedophiles to use the Internet in more sophisticated ways.

In his submission to the Inquiry, Mr Darren Brookes[44] noted that there has been significant change in the methods of operation of paedophiles in a short time.

According to several theorists, the nature of the Internet makes it a particularly valuable tool for racist groups because: There are various forms of racist activity on the Internet.

These include websites, computer games, emails, chat-rooms, discussion groups and music merchandising.

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