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If Bobby likes to make friends, a bunch of different social media sites may pop up: Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Pinterest, and scores of others.Many people make their social media profiles invisible to non-friends.ANY individual landlord or manager who visits the web site may use this service.

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No matter how hard we might try to disguise our past, much of our lives has been digitized and archived, just waiting to be discovered. If you want to find information on other people, that process has never been more streamlined. It’s a great idea to look yourself up and erase what you don’t want readily accessible.In general, name checks are much less reliable than fingerprints.A name check is based on an individual’s name and personal identifiers such as sex, race, date of birth and Social Security number.CRIMINAL REPORT - for .95The use of Criminal Records as an additional part of your screening process will identify and eliminate applicants with serious criminal backgrounds possibly saving you from an enormous liability.Our criminal records are obtained through a multi-state system covering every state and every county throughout the United States.

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