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When you select cam, the cam starts playing, place your cursor over the top right corner of image.

You will see an arrow, click on arrow, this will take you to full screen.

For an always-on webcam, these are not what you need. IP cameras do not have to be connected to any computer.

They are designed for more robust applications and can be online 24/7.

They watch their TV shows while standing in the train follow the live stream of the Olympic Games at Rio de Janeiro.

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If you don’t have a camcorder ready, your i Phone camera is a suitable alternative to use for your live streaming.

If you’ve only just begun to learn about webcams, you’ve probably run across products from Microsoft, Logitech, HP, and others in the – 0 range.

These webcams only work if they are connected to a computer, and are most commonly used with video chat programs.

If you use Wirecast as an encoder, we recommend Wirecast Cam for i OS 8 for maximum compatibility. Whichever encoder you use, you should locate the Stream URL and Stream Name. Copy your unique Stream Name (for example – [email protected]) and put it after the Stream URL. The last part will be filling in the Username and Password fields.

In this example, we’ll use the ‘Other RTMP Encoder’ tab. These will be your login and password, which you saw under step 2 of this guide.

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