Fatima bhutto dating george

Her father was in exile during the military regime of general Zia-ul-Haq.Her parents divorced when she was three years old and her father took Bhutto with him moving from country to country and she grew up effectively stateless.But an American report that, despite the odds, the pair are embroiled in a secret affair, has thrown all of Pakistan into a frenzy.

Fatima Bhutto: Is this the woman that could finally capture George Clooney's heart?

Bhutto was also said to believe their age differences made any relationship 'impractical'.

She was educated at New York's prestigious Columbia University, and well aware of Clooney's heart throb status before they met, the newspaper reported.'But she didn't take his advances seriously because she thought their age difference would make a serious relationship impractical,' it claimed.

The American political salt-n-pepper actor has apparently been wooing slain Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto’s niece, Fatima Bhutto, a 26-year-old poet and journalist, reported American magazine The National Enquirer on Tuesday.

“He’s still out there with his usual assortment of Hollywood eye-candy hanging from his arm,” a film industry source told The Enquirer.

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