Eye lens replacement accommodating

They are designed to improve how well you see without eyeglasses in the distance, as compared to if you had a standard lens implant. Like nearsightedness, astigmatism describes a common type of natural blur in healthy eyes that is corrected by wearing eyeglasses.It results from an inherited, imperfect optical shape of the cornea, the clear front window of the eye.Disclaimer: Each patient has unique visual characteristics and requires the consultation of a qualified eye surgeon before determining what treatment modality is best.The information provided here is only meant to communicate information as a general educational service.It is not intended as a substitute for the health care advice provided by a board certified physician.When your cataract is removed, a new lens is placed inside of your eye.These measurements are then used in complex mathematical equations to calculate the power of your new lens. Chang, MD Toric lens implants are one of the most popular technologies for cataract patients with astigmatism who do not intend to wear eyeglasses at all times.

Hopefully this article will clear up any confusion and give some clarity on the type of lens replacement surgery that may be suitable for you as well as the costs involved.Corrective eyeglasses compensate for this corneal shape to optically correct this blur and to properly focus eyes with astigmatism.Although it has nothing to do with cataracts, astigmatism can be reduced or nearly eliminated at the same time that cataract surgery is done.This makes cataract surgery an exciting time, because patients who had been nearsighted or farsighted can now be made to have excellent vision without glasses.20 years ago all patients receive the same type of lens with their cataract surgery.

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