Dvd teen dating

The final section presents documents on TDV-related laws and legislation.

The special collection concludes with examples of national programs that address TDV and a list of national and statewide organizations and programs.

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Designed to help young people navigate dating and relationships, this DVD provides tips to stay safe with friends, dates, and strangers.

We had them on VHS growing up, but they have been worn out and discarded.

This compelling story of teen dating violence is hosted by a passionately committed veteran team leader of a district attorney's Family Crimes Division.

The next six sections include TDV information related to: 1) young people, 2) bystanders, 3) parents and caregivers, 4) men and boys, 5) teachers and school-based professionals, 6) health care professionals, 7) pregnancy prevention programs, and 8) domestic violence and sexual violence service providers.We will not sell any personal information you provide to us when visiting our website.Security Policy We assure you that your personal information is always safe.This special collection emphasizes collaborative and multi-level approaches to the prevention of and response to teen dating violence (TDV).It draws on the work of many organizations and organizes the resources on TDV prevention and responses by different populations.

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