Draya chris brown dating

And from what we’ve heard, things were so hot and heavy between the girlfriends, she even agreed to get busy with her girl’s much more famous boyfriend, a big star in the music biz.

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Apparently, reality star Draya Michele manages models (who knew?

If any woman in entertainment can show a girl how to move on and live her single life, it’s Rih Rih.

Let’s take look back into Rihanna’s dating history after the jump.

And Breezy has had a parade of hot divas in his lap. Matt Kemp – Kemp is an MLB hunk that Rih Rih seemed genuinely happy with. She definitely got a man that so many were pining over. Instead, he’s opted to go for beautiful low key ladies. Rhea – Breezy was chopping down Rhea back in early 2010 after his whole Rihanna incident started to die down a bit. Karrueche Tran – This model and dime was Breezy’s most recent lady.

They took vacations together and hugged each other in public, seeming in love. Drake – Drizzy chopped those cakes down during a one-night stand. If anything this relationship showed us the power of Rih Rih’s poodinanny. Justin Timberlake – He’s admittedly just an alleged chop downs. They seemed to have fun with chopping down left and right. We don’t know what their status is now , but they seemed to have a good thing going for a while.

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