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Based on the results of that initial evaluation, she decides whether he is date worthy or just friend zone material.

If you’re old enough to understand that a guy’s kippah doesn’t always accurately represent the actions of the man wearing it, then you should NOT be eliminating men without looking beyond the piece of fabric on his head.

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How has your own experience as a Jewish woman influenced this book? Temple Reyim is Conservative, but members of all denominations have attended.Graduates of programming schools in the overwhelmingly ultra-Orthodox community of Bnei Brak, about 10 kilometres (six miles) away, the Comax women produce most of the firm's computer programmes for large supermarkets in the vicinity.We started talking about the issue and demanding answers from rabbis...For many years Jewish people [in Israel] had no other option."Hod is now at the forefront of working with rabbis to negotiate religious laws surrounding LGBTQ identity and relationships.

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