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While I wore the arms out of my bedazzled "Hanson LIVE!

" T-shirt, Greg spent his nights tucked away in his bedroom—in the heat of the grunge rock movement—diligently waiting his way through a "Dark Star" jam to dissect a 15-second sample on acoustic guitar.

There were over 300,000 ticket requests through mail order alone, only about 20 percent were actually honored, so don't come to Soldier Field expecting to get miracle'd.

Did we mention this is where Jerry played his last show in 1995? Bring your dog for a swim, too, or just bury your barking dogs in the sand--you'll be amongst your people. Here's the complete pre- and post-party lineup, with ticket info.

(Denied again.) But somehow -- some way -- you're going to Chicago for the Dead shows at Soldier Field July 3, 4 and 5.

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One thing was different: the sound system, the biggest damn thing anyone had ever seen. Originally, the Dead's LSD supplier, indeed the supplier to the world, but that had stopped years before.

Greg was so many wildly weird things, so kind and so curious—an international marathoner, an Iraq War veteran, a burrito connoisseur—but above all else, my brother was a Deadhead.

He collected bootleg tapes from voyagers before his time and plastered his surfaces in dancing bear decals.

But if you really feel that way, Phish Phan, you best not bring that attitude to Soldier Field. This is otherwise known as hippie crack, and nitrous oxide kills brain cells. Or if you want to venture north, Montrose Beach has a longstanding reputation with its hippies. But in case you want a more comfortable place to sleep and shower (or just sleep), these hotels are still available. Everyone from Terrapin Flyer at Martyrs' and Dark Star Orchestra at the Vic, to Karl Denson's Tiny Universe and Robert Randolph at Concord Music Hall, plus so many more great jam bands playing Grateful Dead and Phish tributes are in town.

Balloons became the source of serious controversy among card-carrying hippies. Plenty of vegetarian and vegan options; everything here is organic, sustainable and socially conscious. Video: Use Phrank's out of office reply for the shows this weekend. Is there a beach I can rinse off at, in between shows? You can head to the Museum Campus, near Soldier Field, to cool off in Lake Michigan. If you know anyone who lives in the Chicagoland area--or anyone's cousin for that matter -- you don't even need to ask.

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