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According to online reports the Puerto Rican 39-year-old is trying to get the father of her two children, Marc Anthony to shed some more money her way.

According to TMZ she is trying to increase her child support payments because she is reportedly so strapped for cash she had to sell her home and now she’s living with the 2 kids in a hovel of an apartment in the San Fernando Valley.

As for the resumption of her showbiz career in the Philippines, Dayanara said she is open to doing a movie with Piolo Pascual. ".' That would be great." On ex-husband Marc Anthony In the same interview, Dayanara was asked about ex-husband Marc Anthony, with whom she has two children. To help her cope with the divorce, Dayanara co-wrote a book with her sister, Jeanette Torres-Alvarado, titled According to Dayanara, even if she and Marc Anthony are no longer together, there are still photos of him in the house she shares with her children. Because I just had to focus on what they will see later on, what they will learn.

Asked how she dealt with the pain, Dayanara said it was natural to feel hurt. And you know, I just wanted to be that kind of person so that they can continue and admire and all that. [I didn't want to be] not me." Has she forgiven Marc Anthony?

star began dating Torres earlier this year—just four months after his wife of 14 years Lori left him for her childhood sweetheart, a fate Torres suffered when Anthony left her for Lopez.

Photo/Getty Images " data-medium-file=" w=203" data-large-file=" w=401&h=594" /Photo/Getty Images " data-medium-file=" w=224" data-large-file=" w=444&h=594" /Jennifer Lopez and Anthony were long-time pals before marrying in 2004 just after his divorce to Dayanara Torres.

While it seemed like the pair were meant to be, they split in 2011 when their twins Max and Emmy were just three years old. Anthony hooked up with 24-year-old Venezuelan model Shannon De Lima just after his divorce from Lopez was finalize.

The Puerto Rican pair soaked in the sun, played some football and rode the waves.

Amaury stopped briefly on the beach to chat with Paris Hilton.

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