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This week, Richard Gilmore himself guest-starred as their mean minister who only agreed to marry them after the couple shared their cute story about how they met. They stole their first meeting from Lily and Marshall because asking Robin in a bar if she's ever met Ted was not sufficient for the minister, whose church was apparently the cutest thing in the world.

Although she’s been on our radar for a few years now, Amber Heard is becoming more well known to the general population for her relationship with Johnny Depp.

Despite the storyline being a familiar one, it still felt fresh because of the wedding setting (I never thought I'd ever write those words), and it was still entertaining to watch Ted make those wrong decisions—like asking about Cassie's recent breakup because he's Ted and he's a nice guy and that's what a nice guy would do, or choosing the dining room instead of the bar so that he's forced to spend an entire meal with Cassie and her parents—because the pay off at the end was worth it.

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If you're one of them, you've come to the right place.It was Ted telling his children about how every wrong decision he made eventually led to the right one where he met their mother on the platform at the train station.So in a way, being paired up with Cassie and not Robin's former college roommate or her coworker turned out to be the right decision after all.Although my sister was supportive, she then remarked with a comment that you may have heard from friends and relatives at some stage in your life, “Don’t worry…the right girl will come along soon…” I hated hearing that because it meant that I had no control over my dating life.I wasn’t interested in waiting for a beautiful woman to magically land in my lap! I wanted to be able to attract women without hopelessly waiting for ‘fate’ to play its course.

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