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During the spring and early summer months, Belize is one of the most reliable destinations for swimming with whale sharks, and it boasts the most recognizable landmark in the known dive world, the massive ocean cavern known simply as the Blue Hole.Now factor in the topside attractions-some of the most significant Mayan archaeological sites in all of Central America, laid-back beach towns, remote island dive lodges and adventurous jungle tours.Visual inspection of the lidar data has revealed many new sites and new features at previously mapped sites, and these findings significantly enhance our understanding of the valley's cultural history and political dynamics. Análisis visual de los datos de lidar revela nuevos sitios y nuevos rasgos arqueológicos en sitios ya investigados, los cuales nos brindan nuevos modelos de la historia cultural de la valle tanto como su dinámica política. By comparing data from prior systematic pedestrian surveys, visual and TPI analysis of the lidar data, and analysis of other remotely sensed data, we assess the limits of mound visibility in the lidar data and examine how vegetation and topographic factors impact those limits. Al comparar los resultados de recorridos sistemáticos terrestres con los análisis visuales y índice de posición topográfico (TPI) de los datos de lidar y otros datos remotos, se examina los límites mínimos de la identificación de rasgos y las maneras en las cuales factores de vegetación y topografía se juega con tales límites. C.) presentan un declive menor en comparación con los de la época Clásica (250 d. Walk up the ancient steps—this site dates back to 400 AD—and explore the fascinating history and culture of the Maya as well as their enigmatic decline.

Experienced mongers follow the advice of locals and head off to the small, read, immigrant, bars that spring up and dot most any population center in Belize.

Ten doesn't even begin to cover all the reasons thousands of divers flock to Belize every year.

So Belize veterans, let me state up front that there will likely be differences of opinion, maybe even a few glaring omissions compared to your own list-and that we should get together soon over a cold Belikin or three and hash them out.

It's the access point to dive sites outside the barrier reef, and the center of the three-square-mile Hol Chan Marine Reserve.

In place since 1987, the park is actively patrolled to enforce the rules: no anchoring, no touching the coral and no fishing.

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