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Amongst the factors that contribute most to a tale is the place where it is set, but in spite of the uniqueness that the location brings, good yarns, ironically enough, still manage to connect with people far removed from that setting.

Whether it is his resurrecting tussle with Kangana Ranaut or the controversy of Shah Rukh Khan's 'Raees' clashing with 'Kaabil' at the box office next year, somehow, the actor has managed to gauge audience's attention with every move of his.

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Popular Hindi cinema always loved to travel out of Bombay in the past to set a story but excursions like explored the stand-off between man and machine where Shankar (Dilip Kumar), a horse-carriage driver, must win a race against a bus in order to save his livelihood, and BR Chopra’s decision to shoot the film in a real village as opposed to a studio blessed the film with realism that made it come alive.

For a better part of the 1950s, most Hindi films were either set in the city or involved characters that came to the city and even though the sets as well as the backdrop depicting the city were generic to the extent of being nondescript, they were automatically assumed to be Bombay.

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