Dating persona 3

If you're dating a girl, the time before you have to go out with them again shortens significantly if you're dating other girls.

So it's very easy for them to get angry with you.

In essence, Persona 4 isn’t a complete experience without Persona 3, as it is directly informed by its predecessor.

You rob yourself of experiencing the nuances of this complementary relationship if you don’t play Persona 3 first.

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By accident I got both Yuko and Yukari at this stage at the same time, So what will happen when i date one will the other find out and get upset or? i've heard you can date all at once if you're careful Well, with ANY social link in the game, you have to see the person within a certain period of time (maybe 60 days?

At school and at Tartarus, she wears a school uniform of Gekkoukan High School.

She wears a Gekkoukan high badge, a red ribbon tie, a neck strap MP3 player (same as the male protagonist but in the color red), and loafers.

Elizabeth is cheery, inquisitive, friendly, silly, humorous, easily excited and fun-loving.

She serves Igor and takes responsibility of her duty in the Velvet Room.

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