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It seems likely they used smaller “On the High Street just east of the Blue Anchor was the site of Johnson & Sharp’s Iron Foundry.

This started here in a small ironmongers founded by the Ashby Family in 1790. His tenant was Thomas Le Fevre who at the time was the only listed ironmonger in Staines.

Section 1 of our walk, around Staines is 1.33 miles.

It starts outside the Blue Anchor pub and takes in the Market Square, Thames Path, Staines Bridge, Clarence Street, Church Street, Two Rivers Retail Park, the Colne & Wraysbury Rivers, Hale Street, Staines West Station, Duncroft, St Mary’s Church and the Old Ashby Brewery.

While they have a typically combative parent/teenager relationship, Stiles loves his father very much and often worries about his safety.

(Download Our walk starts outside what was the Blue Anchor public house which faces onto Clarence Street and is at the entrance to the old Market Square.

From the front of the pub, walk into the Market Square and towards the War Memorial.” introduced in 1696 and repealed in 1851.

Young Stiles had difficulty pronouncing Mieczyslaw. The closest he could come was "Mischief." His mother called him by that nickname but the rest of the world referred to him as "Stiles" which is also his paternal grandfather's nickname. He was present when she passed and has never gotten over her death. At times, he was frustrated that Scott's new abilities cast him as Robin to Scott’s Batman but he is a solid friend and loyal to a fault.

For the longest time, he held an intense but unrequited love for fellow classmate Lydia Martin since 3rd grade.

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