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Sigmund Freud When searching for a new role, many of the articles, books and preparation guides cover what the employer wants; what they will ask you, what they look for in an employee, what you should be doing to insure against any potential variables in your interview.In reality, could this traditional route of pondering the employer’s desires be as effective as estimating the length of a piece of string?Sure, you may find slightly specified ones that focus on location or industry, but at the heart of it all you use all of them in the hope that at least one of them will actually work. It gets extremely frustrating receiving potential matches that just don’t work for you. You receive a response from a company, but two weeks after your interview they still haven’t gotten back to you.Maybe it’s even worse; you think everything’s going well and then the very next day receive an outright rejection.Whether you’re trying to step up your Tinder game or starting a career overhaul, here’s a list of how searching for a job is (and isn’t) like online dating.You wouldn’t show up to a date 30 minutes late wearing last night’s beer-soaked clothes right? You’ve heard the expression “first impressions count” (and for good reason).This is to ensure the service can match you with a person who is as close to you in nature as possible.It’s up to you to answer these questions as truthfully as possible to ensure a good fit – a partner who you will potentially be happy with!

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The similarities are not only in attitude, disposition, and personality, they are also physical.

It’s Friday afternoon and you finally heard from that hiring manager you've been dying to hear back from.

There were “many strong candidates for the role” and unfortunately they ended up going with someone else -- still, they wish you the best of luck on your search! With countless apps and dating websites, meeting new people online isn’t too different from applying and interviewing for a job.

In other words, “like attracts like” to create what’s called “positive assortive mating” and “fitness matching,” says Helen Fisher, Ph. The same dynamic applies to the workplace; thus the reason why most hiring decisions are based upon the likelihood of you “fitting in” (i.e.

being able to assimilate into the company’s culture).

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