Dating guild guitar serial number

Now we are looking for a letter and a number above the jack. For example a A0= a January, 1987 manufacture date and C2= March 1989 manufacture date.Guitar Dating using Source Date Code Alembic Serial Numbers Aria Guitar Serial Numbers Ballurio Serial Numbers B. Rich Serial Numbers Blue Book Serialization Page Carvin Identification Danelectro Serial Numbers D'Angelico Serial Numbers Dobro Serial Numbers Dr. These models are shipped directly from the manufacturing plant to the distributor in your country and are not tracked here in the United States at Charvel.The history of these instruments are not known to Jackson since the were not shipped thru their facility and therefore cannot be tracked by Jackson's service staff in the United States.A question we have been asked about recently is that of serial numbers for GUILD and I wanted to help clarify the situation.

He passed away a few years back and i bought all of his guitars from his brother.

The letters in the model numbers do mean R=rosewood, M=mahogony, S=spruce, H-herringbone, and A=abalone altho the abalone was fake.

They were first made in Japan with USA parts then were made in Korea with USA parts by Samick.(which also still makes Sigma for Martin, Epiphone for Gibson, and Squire for Fender but not with USA parts anymore).

Since the GUILD COMPANY was officially registered on 24 April 1953 , it would be correct to assume that Setrial numbers 1000 or 1001 would be the first .

All early GUILD guitars have the serial number written On a label, but since the M 75 did not have a label the Number was stamped into the back of the headstock.

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