Dating coach training

Find out: how and why The Rules got started and became a bestseller, why “playing hard to get” works best with men, new rules for texting/sexting/Facebook/Skype, why it’s OK to ignore non-date-related texts, how 10 top dating coaches got married and other success stories, celebrity relationships, dating after a breakup or divorce, marriage rules, celebrity relationships, makeovers, Q&A, and much more! Certified Rules Dating and Relationship Coaches completed training through a 12-week course with Ellen and Sherrie and have been thoroughly tested on their Rules knowledge.

The core courses are offered in succession so you can complete your study in as little as 27 weeks.

The key is to lead the conversation to things you want the girl to talk about/you are interested in.

If you can’t connect on at least 1 common interest, move on!

Classes are scheduled regularly throughout the calendar year.

Live training classes are included in RCI membership and offer a fully interactive and deep learning experience.

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