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Once you've signed up for your free account there will be a step by step guide to make sure you meet the right people in Bedfordshire.In the last 48 hours we've had lots of men and women join Older Dating in Bedfordshire, here is a quick peak into what they've been up to: - Terry from Clifton Reynes added a photo - Sarah from Cardington introduced herself to three people - Jakob from Keysoe Row updated his profile - Trish from Lower Dean added two photos What will you're first day be like? So, if you're ready to find a partner, we're here to help!There's plenty of good online dating sites for Bedfordshire Singles all you need to do now is sign-up for free on Older Dating online and then you can start meeting local singles and get planning for your first date!You can also have something a little more specific, if you want to make sure you find youre match close to home then in Bedfordshire"over 50s dating site in Bedfordshire is what you need.Perhaps you and your date could take in the latest modern play before discussing it over dinner.Or maybe see something more relaxed like a comedy show.The Bedfordshire Clanger is a dish from the English county of Bedfordshire, dating back to at least the 19th century.The clanger is an elongated suet crust dumpling similar to a pasty, with a savoury filling at one end and a sweet filling at the other, comprising a main course and dessert in one package.

No name was on the card – just a simple message saying ‘From a man you made very happy by introducting me to my ideal woman’ Margot never has worked out who that rose was from but because she traced back the source to a florist in Bedford she has narrowed it down to a dozen or so possibilities. Well of course that is true – ALL our clients can find ‘dates’ but we are here to find suitable dates.

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The savoury end is traditionally meat with diced potatoes and vegetables (although a filling without meat is also possible), and the sweet end is usually jam, or sweetened apple or other fruit.

Traditionally the top of the clanger is scored with a few lines to denote the sweet end.

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