Dating a paraplegic guy

But that can be a mixed bag because facial attraction is so subjective, plus I’m no Brad Pitt.After that, the hope has been to use my personality to charm them and get some chemistry going.However, if you are keen to listen, there are a few glaring ways this feature could have applied to a majority of chair users instead of a minority.We don’t want to come off as whiney or angry crips who can never be happy and find offense in every possible way we are portrayed.We really ARE NOT inherently bitchy people with “chips on our shoulders.” Well some are, but nobody pays any attention to them anyway.We felt it important to offer some insight into “women in wheelchairs” for future features, which we hope you will continue!I originally thought I should, but then my friends told me I didn't have to do that if I didn't want to because my disability doesn't impact the type of activities I'm into, or who I am, or even my day to day.

I have never been with someone so thoughtful and kind. Chad’s disability is very limiting because he only has a shoulder shrug and head turn and as such requires total care for all activities of daily living.

In short, it’s very difficult; and stated more accurately it sucks.

The most obvious issue to start with is that having a disability (spinal cord injury quadriplegic) and being in a wheelchair puts me at a major disadvantage with women as compared to able-bodied men.

” Kara Ayers Ouch…literally hurts to see:/ what year is it!? That way they can’t run away from me quite so fast J James Shoemaker …really, a hospital transport chair?

Yannick Benjamin So a major publication like Cosmopolitan could not find an active woman who is a user of an actual current wheelchair.

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