Dads against daughters dating shirt shoot the first one fish in the dating site

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But there’s one thing I’ve decided to doing, in the hopes of helping my daughter cultivate a healthy view of herself, which I shared in a comment on Rachel’s blog. Women have been told their bodies are something to be ashamed of, something dangerous, something to be kept under lock and key — most recently, by an evangelical purity culture which compares girls who’ve lost their virginity to cups of water contaminated by someone else’s spit.

The fine print says “shoot the first one and the word will spread,” meaning shoot the first daughter that comes of dating age and the message will spread to the rest of the daughters that they probably shouldn’t date until they’re over 41 years old. Anyways, maybe I should ask Deez Teez what they feel is the primary meaning of this important father-daughter & boys relationship t-shirt.

Wait, my editor just called and said that this Dad’s Against Daughters Dating T Shirt could mean that you shoot the first boyfriend that comes around and then the message will spread amongst potential suitors that your daughter isn’t one to pursue, because it’s life threatening.

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