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He is reunited with his girlfriend, Paoli, who has long awaited his homecoming, living alone far from her family.Both set out to find Rahul's brother, who is said to have gone mad and who lives in the forest and sleeps in the trees.Rahul and Paoli journey in search of his lost brother. The Hollywood Reporter commented on Mushrooms that, "The film's abstract naturalism does create an austere portrait of a crass and careless human society but any larger meaning gets lost amid the film's many non-events and preening nihilism." A review in the online film magazine "Notebook" praised the film, noting that it artistically portrays "...Cinematic dreams and nightmares, visible intuitions of the world around, visual understanding of what corruption of the society and corruption of the soul can do." Sight & Sound of the British Film Institute praised the film stating, "Disconcerting though the plot may at least initially be, the film has its wild as well as some comic moments that soon win the viewer over." Director Jayasundara admitted that there are several versions of the film, and some versions do not contain the sex scene.Anubrata Basu & Paoli Dam in Chatrak (Mushroom) movie.Bengali actress Paoli Dam also done sensuous, seductive & sexy roles in Hate Story Hindi Movie after Chatrak..(more) Paoli Dam's Chatrak [Mushroom] Movie Scene - Here is the unseen rare video of Paoli Dam's Chatrak movie scene.Rahul's seemingly successful life is overshadowed by the search for his brother (Sumeet Thakur), said to now be mad and living in the forest, where he sleeps in the trees and subsists on vegetation.This crazy brother befriends a French soldier in the jungle.

His girlfriend, Paoli (Paoli Dam), has been waiting for his return.Watch Hot & Sexy Paoli Dam clipping from Mushroom (Chatrak) movie (film). Anubrata Basu & Paoli Dam in Chatrak (Mushroom) movie. Bengali actress Paoli Dam also done sensuous, seductive & sexy roles in Hate Story Hindi Movie after Chatrak movie. Watch Paoli Dam's bed scene from Chatrak (Mushroom) movie.

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