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De finalisten van de play-offs bij de A-jeugd en de B-jeugd zijn bekend.

Read more about what we’re doing at De Laval to ensure you get optimal milk filtration. That’s why we attack the problem from different angles including stall design, mats and coverage, through manure handling, to advice about screening. Farmers are finding that the new two-step hoof care procedure from De Laval is reducing lameness.

The idea is simple: by cleaning hooves from mud and manure in the first bath, the sanitizer/disinfectant can do a better job in the second bath.

With that knowledge we create something truly useful for your company. Leverage technology which will actually aid your business, fit-for-purpose.

Spiky Fruit operates without pushing a specific product, platform or service. We deploy modern technologies and use modular components for our development, adopting suitable methods & procedures in a fitting way.

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    Hispania was the Roman name for the whole territory of the Iberian Peninsula.