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It would only make sense that with the impact of social media on everyone’s life that this season of CBS’s long-running “The Amazing Race” would tap into the market.In fact, all of the contestants on the new season, which just kicked off last week, are social media influencers in some shape or form.He effortlessly mixes humor and heart, and never fails to entertain.While in the past he's shied away from addressing heavier topics in his videos, all that's changed in his new , out this October.

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The comment triggers a burst of screams that echo through the rafters of the convention hall, a pitchy, warbling sound that will return about every three minutes for the duration of Playlist Live Tri-State, the event that has brought us all here. J., there’s a nervous bustle inside the Meadowlands Exposition Center, where, just outside, thousands of screaming teenage girls grow restless.At 10 a.m., the doors fling open, the security guards brace themselves, and a tsunami of furry boots, mousy hair, and sparkling orthodontics washes through the hallways.“My experience was shitty, but now I found You Tube and I feel a lot better,” panelist Hannah Hart (7.1 million subscribers on You Tube) tells the audience about coming out as a lesbian. “I think You Tube is a platform for authenticity,” says 19-year-old You Tuber Troye Sivan (3.1 million subscribers), who’s sitting next to Oakley.“We see this aspect of you that you feel courageous enough to share with us.

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