Aquarius man dating sagittarius woman billy aaron brown amy davidson dating

Both of them are humanitarians, and they also like to remain close to the Mother Nature, by going for camping and hiking.

Sagittarius, a fire sign, is a strong, independent individual, and Aquarius, an air sign, also loves freedom and needs a detached and universal perspective on life.

A liberal and an independent, this man is intent on making the world a better place, for all of mankind.

This grandiose approach may seem a little overwhelming when you first meet the man, but he really is a genius when it comes to thoughts and new ideas.

If you’re prepared for his eccentric little habits, they’ll grow on you, and soon you will find yourself helping out with his social experiments.

The Aquarius man is no one’s water boy, and it would be a mistake to assume so.You have a preference for history, evolution and quoting Shakespeare.She could care less about anything that doesn’t involve outer space, the Holo Dek or Mission Impossible for Humanity. How to Attract a Sagittarius Man as an Aquarius Woman.They will tend to talk about non-personal topics such as history, evolution, bio-genetics, nuclear energy, and all things green.How to Attract an Aquarius Woman as a Sagittarius Man: Start with a provocative question. If you’re not a good conversationalist about the FUTURE – not your future, dummy, the planet’s future – get out while the getting’s good.

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