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Yes, yes, New Mexico (and even Colorado) like to lay more claim to the ubiquity of green chile-topped burgers, but this one, with pickled fresno chile, sweet-and-sour onions, chipotle aioli, and Jack cheese creates a beautiful symphony of hot meat and cheese with cold crunchy veggies. Pig Trail Bypass Country Cafe (address and info) Crosses The burger: The Hooshburger Let’s start with a little geography lesson: the Ozark National Forest sits in the Northwestern corner of Arkansas, basically blocking University of Arkansas students in Fayetteville from the most direct route Southeast to Little Rock. You probably only have a relative idea of what we’re talking about if you’re a motorcycle enthusiast or are well versed in the downfall of former UA coach/motorcycle enthusiast Bobby Petrino’s wreck.There’s a winding backroad that cuts straight through that wilderness running North to South, known as the Pig Trail Bypass. The burger: The Best Damn Grass Fed Cheeseburger How do you select the best burger in a land mass the same size as Japan or Sweden?After we tried to figure out the best pizza in every state, it was inevitable that burgers would be next.

Institutional racism is the established social pattern that supports implicitly or explicitly the racist value system.But at the end of the day, we think we’ve got a case for a burger you’re going to love in every single state in the Union. A buttery bun nestles the holy trinity of burger toppings -- red onion, lettuce, and tomato -- into oozing Comte, a cheese whose nutty sweetness is the perfect choice to stand up to and balance out a patty that hefty. But stunts aside, Tommy’s regular cheeseburger could likely compete for best in a lot of other, bigger states as well.The burger: Chile burger Though we’re also big fans of Monkey Burger in Tucson and The Stand, our pick had to go to the uptown Phoenix eatery’s chile burger.To make things worse, Axl Rose is carrying on like an Apache.He stormed into his home state for a concert and compared the fans there to prisoners at Auschwitz.

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