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The environments in Cyber Net worlds are not 2d images trying to give you that 3d appearance, these are complete 3d worlds.

You can walk, run, jump, fly, explore and even interact in the environment by playing games or participating in events.

This software is not a demo; it is the complete version of the 3d browser.

When you first enter Cyber Net worlds 3d chat you will begin as a Tourist.

But, I'm not going to tell Cyber Net Worlds, that...

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The other Cyberwolfmen you may have seen on the Internet are fakes.And, with this Web site, I have made help pages and give information. Or at least, until I find something that actually works.I try to live by the golden rule, when very few others seem to care about anyone but themselves. If you live in America, and have a slow and expensive Internet service, please check out the The American Internet is Slow and Expensive because the Telecom Industry is treating Americans as a Captive Audience page.In the file, setting avatars to 0 as well as the lifeforms so the avatar animations wouldn't show. Don't think they have a one year citizenship available right now, but they have the special where you can get three months along with a CD and an audio book with short stories in it for .95.It's called a VR-CD that's made by [email protected] and there's more information here.

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